The Islands No 1 for wedding cars.



This 1955 Oldsmobile is the top of the range Holiday 88 model offering a smooth 5.3-litre V8 engine and a comfortable ride.

These cars were renowned for their luxury, style and comfort and this car in it's Diamond White and Crisp Blue coachwork certainly lives up to its claims.

The interior is a sumptuous mixture of the external colours and can seat five along with the driver, and due to the commodious rear seats,

it is suitable for even the largest of wedding dresses.

A brilliant bridal car. Four Door so easy rear seat access and the pillar-less doors facilitate unrivalled interior photo opportunities. Fully Dressed in Ribbons, Door Bows and Interior Flowers.

PRICES £295 - £395

Evening run 10pm-midnight

This is one of the most important days of your life, so not only are the cars the perfect start to your day they also need to be the perfect finish to your wedding day.

Experience has taught us that trying to say your goodbyes to all your guests can be time-consuming, instead, we advise you get your guests to form two lines from the entrance to the waiting car. Parents and those close to you should be by the car. This also will allow your evening guests to enjoy your choice of transport.