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Whether you are planning a traditional wedding and require a fleet of classic cars or have chosen to go with a modern theme, allow us to talk you through the many options on offer to you.

Whatever your taste or preference, be sure that we can compile the perfect wedding transport package for you.

All of our cars have been hand-picked for their ability to provide a very friendly, reliable, and professional service. Where we do not own a car this will be clearly explained. We only act as agent for sourced Suppliers and have no liability to you for the supply of the services. This is the Supplier’s responsibility. We will manage your booking on behalf of the Supplier up to full payment of the balance owed, at which point your booking will be handed over to the Supplier and you will be provided with the Supplier’s contact details.

Nothing is too much trouble for our chauffeurs who will pull out all of the stops to ensure all of your needs are met on your special day.  If there are any extra requirements you have, we’ll be happy to help.

Every wedding is different, and it is our ethos to treat them as such, we work with the future bride and groom to tailor a service that meets their personal, unique needs. However, here is a guide to some of the most frequently asked questions concerning wedding transport.


  What order does everyone arrive at the ceremony?

The groom’s party, including ushers, arrives together at the ceremony venue 45 minutes before the service starts.
The bridal party, including the bride’s mother, arrives at the church 15 minutes before the ceremony is due to start in order to allow the photographer to take pictures.
The bride and her father arrive 5 minutes before the ceremony to take pictures before entering the service.

These times will vary with a civil ceremony.

How many cars should we book?

It depends on how far the wedding party is from the venue and the budget for the wedding. If everyone is only a short distance away, one car could take the bridal party, and then return for the bride. Please note that after the ceremony it is traditional for the bride and groom to travel together to their photo location, so the bridal party, parents and groomsmen should arrange alternative transport. Most couples opt for a second or third car, even if the venue is close by.

Single journey

The traditional wedding is changing, some brides like the thought of staying in the same venue, the night before, having the ceremony and reception all in one place. They are realising they are missing out on the leaving confetti photo shoot and will not be getting that special intimate break all day, to be with their new partner. The single journey can be used to either transport the bride or groom to the ceremony. We will wait until photo’s have been taken on your arrival and leave before the ceremony starts or following the marriage, the bride and groom enjoy a private moment to congratulate themselves with a chilled bottle of bubbly, 20 minute countryside drive or a photo shoot close by.

Two trip journey

Transport from your home, to two venues e.g. church and onwards to the reception venue, allowing for either a longer drive to the venue or a photo shoot on route. This will allow time for your guests to be ready for your grand entrance.

Evening run 10pm-midnight

This is one of the most important days of your life, so not only are the cars the perfect start to your day, they also need to be the perfect finish to your wedding day.                                               Experience has taught us that trying to say your goodbyes to all your guests can be time consuming, instead we advise you get your guests to form two lines from the entrance to the waiting car. Parents and those close to you should be by the car. This also will allow your evening guests to enjoy your choice of transport.

How are wedding cars priced?

Here at Wight Ribbon we give you a quote that includes everything, with nothing else to consider at a later date. Our prices are not based on mileage as we live on an Island. A single journey will start from £165.00 for those getting married at a venue, or two trips, one to church and one to venue including photo shoot start from £195.00. There is a small discount available if you decide to take a second or third car as a package. A discount is offered for weddings that take place mid-week or off-season.


As many classic or vintage vehicles don’t and aren’t legally required to have seat belts, this can be a problem with children as we take safety seriously. Children under the age of 3 unfortunately can’t by law travel, always inform us of ages or consider one of our modern cars.

Choosing your car

We advise once you have confirmed your date you select your car. Bookings are already being taken for 2 years in advance, especially for our 7 seater Viscount. Some of our older or convertible cars operate within a limited time frame, taking the cars off road in the winter months. Finally if it sounds too good to be true it might just be! Wedding car operators have high overheads, so exercise caution; you want to ensure that the car and company you have booked is still operational in a year or even two years’ time. On average we will get 2-3 calls per month having been let down.


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