The Islands No 1 for wedding cars.


PAYMENTS. Telephone bookings will be held for a maximum of 7 days. If at the end of this period the booking has not been confirmed by the receipt of a deposit and a completed booking form the car will be released. All bookings are subject to a minimum deposit of £50.00 per vehicle. If in the event of cancellation this deposit is not returnable. Final Payment invoice will be sent to you approximately 5 weeks prior to the wedding date. Cancellation of a wedding must be received in writing or by E-Mail two calendar months prior to the booking date. If it not received by this date then the full payment will be due. However, if a new date is set and you’re originally booked car/s are available for the revised date your booking will be transferred to the new date without loss.

No responsibility as agents. Where we do not own a car this will be clearly explained. We only act as agent for sourced Suppliers and have no liability to you for the supply of the services. This is the Supplier’s responsibility. We will manage your booking on behalf of the Supplier up to full payment of the balance owed, at which point your booking will be handed over to the Supplier and you will be provided with the Supplier’s contact details.

Choice of route. The chauffeurs will choose the route based on experience, knowledge of the local area and use of satellite navigation, they will accept a route requested by you, however. The hirer should ensure that adequate access, turnaround and exit for the vehicle(s) is available at all address`s to be attended. If any point the driver feels that this is restricted in any way then the driver will stop at the nearest legal safe point available, regardless of distance. The chauffeur has the right to refuse to travel on any surface or growth protruding into the pathway of vehicles that he feels may cause damage. If you have an unmade road or uneven road surface then please inform us at the time of booking.

Damages The driver retains the right to refuse to covey any passenger who in the opinion of the driver appears to be under the influence of alcohol or other substances and whose condition may put the driver, the vehicle or other passengers at risk. The hirer is responsible for any damage to the vehicle and fittings caused by their own or their guest’s actions and to ensure they collect their luggage and personal items when leaving the car. . A minimum charge of £100 will be applied to cover valet costs should fouling be caused by any passenger through food, drink or illness. Your chauffeur will offer assistance to those wearing flowing gowns and trains when entering and exiting the car, however it remains the ultimate responsibility of the wearer to ensure their clothing avoids contact with all areas that could accrue dirt or grime such as the underside, wheels, tyres etc. If sparkling wine or refreshments is provided, we will not be held liable for damage to clothing or persons caused by spillage, airborne corks, or glass breakage, howsoever caused.

Breakdowns In the instance of last minute mechanical breakdown, exceptional traffic difficulties, incidents, acts of God or any events beyond our control, we will endeavor to supply another vehicle from our range and contact base. If a cheaper vehicle is supplied as a replacement, a suitable price adjustment will be made. If in the final instance we cannot provide our service or vehicle for any of the reasons mentioned, than a full refund will be made of your deposit and monies paid. We are fully insured for wedding car hire, and our insurance does not cover customers to drive our vehicles, or for loss or damage to customers possessions or for any other consequential losses, delays or missed event. Wight Ribbon strongly recommend that you are covered by adequate wedding insurance.

Seating: Due to the nature of our cars most do not have rear seat belts, children under the age of three cannot be carried because of this. Children over the age of three may be carried but must be under the supervision of an appropriate adult. All passengers must remain seated at all times. Cars must not carry more than the chauffeur deems fit or exceed the vehicles specifications. Under no circumstances should anyone be carried on another person’s lap We do not provide our modern vehicles with the child car seats, so we advise our clients to provide and fit their own child seats and booster seats, if required to our modern fleet only, for their children’s safety. Our chauffeurs will not be responsible for the fitting of the child car seats.

Confidentiality  The Supplier offers a policy of total discretion for all clients, the Supplier’s chauffeurs will not discuss who travelled with them, to where or with whom unless authorized by you to do so. The exception to this policy is wedding photography for company promotional purposes. Therefore, unless formally instructed to the contrary, the Supplier may take photographs at weddings and publish them in its literature or on its or our website. If you do not wish to have your images used please make us aware of this in writing when paying the deposit or balance of the service.

By signing and returning your booking form you will have deemed to have agreed and accepted the above terms and conditions.

Thank you for booking with Wight Ribbon Wedding Cars, we enjoy our work and look forward to seeing you and your families on your special day.